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Rely on our local company if you’re searching for “interior door installation near me” in Atlanta.  Create more privacy or a visual statement in rooms or closets in your home. Select from many types of styles, colors, and materials. Compared to exterior door installation costs, interior projects are less expensive. For a new look, our contractors will replace the panel. We replace interior doors with prehung sets if you have a damaged frame or hinges. Common materials include genuine or composite wood, glass, metal, vinyl, and fiberglass. Select the levers, handles, knobs, and other hardware for your interior door installation. Redesign your home or create privacy with a new entryway in any room. Our contractors can adjust the hinges on interior doors to swing in or out for maximum space. Choose the style and configuration that best pairs with your Atlanta house. Sliding door installation is standard for closets and in small or narrow rooms. This space-saving solution improves functionality and looks good.

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Interior Door Installation Atlanta

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    Replace Interior Doors

    We replace interior doors in residences across Greater Atlanta, Georgia. Your home may be undergoing renovations or has damage unable to repair. Our replacement services address broken framing, hinges, tracks, or panels. We install various styles of interior doors in all types of rooms. Prehung options are the best when multiple parts are damaged. These sets include the jamb, hinges, frame, and panel. We also replace interior doors that have hardware intact. Since the materials aren’t exposed to the elements, they don’t need to be as durable as exterior entryways. We also install the hardware of your choice that complements the room or hallway. Select from doorknobs, handles, or levers in a classic or modern style. Our expert contractors can also update an outdated look with a new design. We replace interior French doors that typically feature double glass panels. Materials include vinyl, fiberglass, wood, composite, or metal. For closets, we offer accordion and bi-fold configurations. Many customers love barn sliding doors and choose them for installation. There are also creative ideas to add to your Atlanta home. Swinging room dividers or hidden doors doubling as a bookshelf are two examples. Our contractors will replace and install the exact style you want, be it simple or complex.

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    Contractor For Residential Interior Door Installation

    Expert Door Contractor Atlanta

    Hiring a contractor for residential interior door installation makes projects run smoothly. Our local remodeling company serves the Greater Atlanta Metro Area. Choose the style, color, and materials you want for your room’s design. Our contractors for residential door installation work with the top-rated brands. We construct new entrances to houses by creating a wall opening. You can also have us replace interior doors in your home to update an old look or repair damage. We can adjust the hinges to swing in or out to optimize room space. Our residential contractors also install new trim and hardware based on your preferences. Sliding barn door installation stands out and adds a focal point to the wall. We suspend the gliding panel and use premium hardware. For closets, our experts install tracks at the top or bottom, depending on the design. Our residential contractors are fully licensed and insured with years of experience. There are countless remodeling options, and we’ll work with you to create the best style.

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    Types Of Interior Doors

    Wood: Solid hardwood interior doors are durable and come in various species. Select from birch, walnut, mahogany, oak, maple, hickory, poplar, cherry, or red alder. Softwoods include pine, cedar, redwood, spruce, juniper, Douglas fir, and yew. Customize wooden interior doors by choosing a stain, color, and grain to match a room. Woods provides excellent insulation and maintains the desired temperature in homes. 

    Vinyl: PVC door installation is ideal for closets and in rooms with high humidity. Common styles include bi-fold louvers and accordions, primarily available in neutral tones. Vinyl sliding door installation saves space in rooms. These designs either have a top-hung or bottom rolling track. Our Atlanta contractors install both types using premium hardware.

    Engineered Wood: Unlike solid wood, engineered wood is more dense but durable. The interior doors come in different styles, colors, and finishes. Choose a paneled or bi-folding design. Engineered wood door installation costs less than hardwood with lower-priced materials. Paint or stain unfinished panels to achieve the desired look.

    Glass: These interior doors are often encased with wood, metal, or MDF materials. Choose from a single glass panel or multiple panes in the framing you want. Barn and French door installation are popular options with visual appeal. Also, the types of glass vary and include frosted, clear, painted, and tempered, to list a few.

    Metal: Steel interior doors often feature glass and are very durable. The metal delivers a contemporary or industrial design. Steel provides durability and transforms rooms in homes. The metal is often used for interior French door installation and sliding panels.

    Fiberglass: This composite material is more common for exterior and front door installation. However, incredibly durable fiberglass is also seen in home interiors. Our door company uses this composite material to craft versatile and custom designs. Fiberglass insulates better than wood and performs better in controlling room temperature. 

    MDF: Modified density fiberboard is an affordable and eco-friendly type of interior door. MDF has a long life span and durability with many finished styles and configurations. An alternative to wood, unfinished fiberboard doors can be customized with paint.

    Hardboard: Hard density fiberboard, manufactured by Masonite, are affordable interior doors. The flushed panel has a smooth surface and often comes in standard white. The interior doors can be painted or treated with a stain for a custom look. Our contractors install pre-hung hardboard in rooms.

    With so many interior doors to choose from, it may be hard to decide on one. We offer free estimates across Greater Atlanta. Our local company will help you select the best door and style for rooms in your home. Request a free estimate by calling or filling out the form on this page. Our local door company looks forward to discussing your project.

    Cost To Install Interior Doors

    The cost to install interior doors is less than exterior replacement services. Materials don’t need to stand up to the Georgia weather. Interior doors have countless options that range in price. The scope of work and square footage factor into the cost to install interior doors. The service will run higher if we need to add hinges or new framing. Replacing only the panel is more cost-effective. Solid hardwood and fiberglass are the two most expensive materials. Vinyl door installation costs the least, and wood composites are reasonably priced. Glass and metal have countless design options and fall in the middle for pricing. A popular choice, interior French door installation costs vary depending on the style. The grille and hardware you choose also impact the price of service. There are many options for handle sets, doorknobs, and levers in different finishes.

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